Project 24

Published December 11, 2010 by Jeff Hinson

Approximately 40 high school athletes and 10 coaches participated in a landscaping project on December 4th to support Jared Williams, a Pinkston High School football player who was paralyzed in a football accident in the fall of 2009.  Led by Builders of Hope, a group of contractors are constructing a house that will accommodate Jared's special needs.  The house will be completed at or around December 17th.

Builders of Hope donated the land and coordinated the contractors who have devoted time and resources to construct the house in West Dallas.  Project 24 was initiated by Pinkston High School students and their efforts resulted in donations that help to partially finance the house that Jared and his family will soon live in.

Drew Waters, an actor on the hit television series, "Friday Night Lights", was on hand.  Drew has agreed to participate in a documentary that You+Dallas is preparing for release early next year.

Jon Dahlander from DISD was on hand and was instrumental in arranging for the high school athletes and coaches to participate in this project.